Her Mid-Life Cravings - Robin Rance

Her Mid-Life Cravings

By Robin Rance

  • Release Date: 2017-07-14
  • Genre: Contemporary
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Leila Brown was trapped in a loveless marriage until He, her happily ever after moved on to a much younger version of his ideal woman. She is much older than she once was, and must overcome many of her self-esteem issues and other anxieties before she will ever consider dating another man. Until she meets Drake Sanders.
“Are you stalking me?” What a stupid thing to say, why would he be stalking me?

“Hey, Leila, is it?” My head bobbed up and down on its own. “Would you know anything about teen girls and the underwear they like? I could sure use some help…”
I felt like a teen myself, this man had me all tongue tied, and I swear if I hadn’t been so thirsty I’d be drooling. Why didn’t the words ‘You can ask a sales person for help,’ leave my lips? No instead I heard myself saying, “I have a teenage granddaughter, and I think I can help.”
His eyes opened then crinkled at the sides as soon as he smiled. “No, way! You can’t have a granddaughter that age. I’ll bet she’s just as pretty as you are.”
I mumbled and stumbled over my words but managed to thank him for being so kind.
“No, thank you. It’s rather embarrassing shopping for your daughter, a wife maybe in this kind of a store, but…”
He was so charming, and all intentions of shopping for my own underwear had left my thoughts. Until he said, “Here, let me set that stuff on the counter, and I will buy it for you as a gift for all your help.”
Oh, my sweet heaven, his smile took away all my coherent words, and instead, I heard something that sounded like, “I… I… you that… who oh, what?”
He tossed back his head and laughed. “At least let me buy the pretty blue set. It’ll bring out the spark in your eyes.” He took both sets of underwear from me and handed them to a girl behind the counter. “Will you please hold those for me while we keep shopping?”

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