Japanese Rose - Rei Kimura

Japanese Rose

By Rei Kimura

  • Release Date: 2011-05-15
  • Genre: Historical
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Japanese Rose by Rei Kimura epub - ebook - audiobook

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The kamikaze pilots or “Winds of God” were created in 1945, during Japan’s twilight year of the Second World War. The world looked upon this monstrous creation of “human bombs” with disbelief but the young patriotic men of Japan who signed up for the terrifying attack missions of the kamikaze program were unstoppable. Women looked on with envy and frustration at their own inadequacies which allowed only men into the program, but did anyone of them really take the daring step of breaking this rule? "Japanese Rose" is a haunting story of the secret life and love of Sayuri Miyamoto, the woman who DID dare to take on the whole Japanese military to follow her dream of becoming a kamikaze pilot and paid dearly for that dream. “No one must ever know there was a female kamikaze pilot to dishonor and disgrace the discipline of the Japanese military so from today, you Sayuri Miyamoto are officially dead!” This book also takes readers on a sad journey through the ravages of war torn Japan seen from the eyes of a young woman who cherished the impossible and forbidden dream of becoming a female kamikaze pilot. “Who is this? And why do you call me by this name? It hasn’t been used for 60 years!” the crisp irritable voice had changed to a soft, quivering whisper like the moaning of an injured animal and it made Mayumi uncomfortable at her intrusion into someone’s obviously painful past. With these words, Sayuri Miyamoto finally broke the silence that had been imposed on her for decades. But History will never admit or accept her existence so was she real or a myth born of the feverish imagination of one woman with an unfulfilled dream? 

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  • Good subject matter but some flaws

    By Bombkiller007
    Rei Kimura and Bangkok Book House has done an excellent job in bringing forward what is perhaps one of the most obscure subjects to the West, and certainly to American readers. Simular to MG Sheftall and his Blossoms in the Wind, Japanese Rose tells the story from the Japanese side of the Special Attack Squadrons (Kamikaze), and reveals a remarkable story in Miyamoto Sayuri's journey to join their ranks. While the subject matter is both irresistably new, refreshing, and holds the promise of opening new vantage points into a period of time that is overflowing with literature that sadly follows party line and jingoistic narratives, the delivery falls a bit short and drags on into the realm of a teenage coming of age story than an interesting historical narrative. Kimura san falls into the trap of "Modern Transference" that plague so many historical writers of today. Rather than present the details in a historical paradigm that would have captured the reader and drawn them into this increadible story, Kimura instead departs from the historical and liberaly infuses modern themes and personal viewpoints into the story line and provides perspectives to the characters from todays retrospective rather than immerse us into the perseptions of the time. If Kimura had provided a historicaly pure paradigm this book would surely have been a must read among the books of WWII and especially those regarding the Special Attack Squadrons, however, as it stands an opportunity was missed. If the reader can tolerate the narrative style of a teen novella the book still provides some insight into a fascinating tale of a woman who was able to overcome the boundaries around her as well as provide some insight into the culture of the Special Attack Squadrons.

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