Famous Ghosts - Hans Holzer

Famous Ghosts

By Hans Holzer

  • Release Date: 2012-09-25
  • Genre: Spirituality
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Join paranormal expert and storyteller extraordinaire Hans Holzer as he tracks the ghosts of Americans who made history, including national heroes, Hollywood stars, and famous and infamous figures who made headlines

In this groundbreaking book, Hans Holzer tracks down the most famous and infamous ghosts who lurk among national monuments, historical houses and mansions, and even museums. Holzer searches for true encounters with eminent politicians such as Alexander Hamilton and Woodrow Wilson; literary ghosts such as Robert Louis Stevenson; and Hollywood ghosts, including Jean Harlow. Each new encounter is more fascinating than the last, as Holzer investigates notable souls who have moved to the world beyond.
“Holzer writes in a clear, enjoyable manner, and he states his factual data in a way that educates as well as entertains. His ability to de-scarify once scary topics and present them in a meaningful, honest manner is his trademark as a respected author over the past three decades.” —Ghostvillage.com
Hans Holzer, whose investigations into the paranormal took him to haunted houses and other sites all over the world, wrote more than 140 books on ghosts, the afterlife, witchcraft, extraterrestrial beings, and other phenomena associated with the realm he called “the other side.” Among his famous subjects was the Long Island house that inspired The Amityville Horror book and film adaptations. Holzer studied at the University of Vienna, Austria, and at Columbia University, New York, earning a master’s degree in comparative religion. He taught parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology. Holzer died in 2009. 

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